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Hi all

We had a rather long way to get our first BEV.

BMW i3 - we loved the look, I found the starting a bit confusing and TBH it was rather noisy inside comparing to other cars. We tested 2018 and 2019 cars. The suicidal doors were the breaking point. The options are so confusing that even after a month of comparing prices and cars we did not understand them. I loved its acceleration, but also was made aware that a tyre costs 200 pounds and it eats tyres.

Honda E - amazing car. My favourite, but my wife did not like the outside design - she liked interior though. Simple choice of options (thanks for that!). We might get it later.

Renault Zoe - my wife refused to get in even we had a test drive booked. She disliked the look both interior and exterior.

Kia eNiro - too big for the second car. But we liked it a lot.

Smart - very cheap and very nice interior. Absolute surprise, however very bumpy and our town is famous for bad roads. Probably our second choice - mainly thanks to the price.

Peugeot 208e - opposite of Honda E - looks plain and there is no "wow" factor; drives very well though and you don't feel overwhelmed by technology. Small driving wheel was a problem for me - sharp corners required arm twisting.

Nissan Leaf - we tested it in the past and we were not happy with it.

Our choice: MB B250e
  • looks nice
  • top quality interior (all bells and whistles)
  • quiet
  • smooth drive

  • no rapid charging (so we had a compulsory 1.5h date only to add 40 miles of range)
  • awful range
It is our second car in the household, mainly for a local trips, so we are going to charge it at home and not travelling far. First dip.

See you around

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Greetings 👋

Sounds like you did a decent amount of research and I hope you'll be happy with the B250e.

I was somewhat limited on choice as going through a work salary sacrifice scheme - the i3 ticked most the boxes for me.. I found it comfortable, the suicide doors not an issue (we rarely have backseat passengers), acceleration was fun and tyres are covered under my lease.

Still feel that we need much more choice going forward.
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