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I've been using a piece of sponge to help stop my charge port door sticking closed. It worked well during the summer but I found that in the winter and especially in wet weather the sponge often became waterlogged and compressed and didn't really do the job properly any more.

So I've taken a different approach and obtained some small (M6) end stop screws that have a nylon tip and a hex key slot in the other end. I ordered 10mm long ones but had to grind them down so I would go for 8mm. Then I drilled and tapped an M6 hole in the plastic arm of the port (having first removed the flap cover) and screwed the end stop in from the outside. I found I could adjust the amount of protrusion very easily to provide just a little pre-load without distorting the hinge and so far it seems to work in all conditions.


M6 Plastic head Wave beads Screw POM Nylon Head plunger Grub Stop Buffer Screws | eBay
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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