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Am I too concerned about ID4 poor infotainment reviews and faffy charge timer?

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Sorry for the sort of double post..(for those of you who also check the ioniq 5 forum)
My wife's tesla 3's lease ends at the end of Oct and we are looking to buy a replacement EV,

As you can imagine, we are currently chasing around order cancellations.

We have found an ID.4 cancellation (Life Pro edition in Grenadilla Black Metallic with Hamar alloys)
and one Ioniq5 (premium with matte shooting star grey). Price on both very similar (less than £1K between them).

We test drove the ID4 and really liked the drive. Felt premium and unfussy.
We test drive the ioniq on Saturday. I have sat in the car. Lots of wow factor..but possibly a bit flash for me...(I quite like some understatement)

As I mentioned in my post in the Ioniq forum, I am concerned that the Matte paintwork on the Ioniq might be high maintenance. At the very least I will probably have to spend more ££ for some sort of ceramic coating.

My main concern about the ID.4 are the poor reviews of the infotainment system. Almost all the reviews I have watched complain about this.... poor controls, voice activation that doesn't really work, not being able to see the climate control controls in the dark...

Is this as bad as they say, or are there generally work arounds?
Will it drive me nuts?
Is the Life pro not going to get many of the V3 features? (I would have looked for a higher trim, but we are limited to what is available in cancelled orders).

Thanks for any real world guidance.

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I suspect I will mostly use Android Auto and my wife will mostly use carplay. The profile feature I assume will ensure the correct phone/software will activate with the correct driver (?).
wireless android auto drained my phone (Galaxy S21) so i disabled it
Do you not leave your phone on the wireless charger?
I need to see if I can get Octopus to fit an Ohm for me. I have a dumb charger (Chargemaster). It seems difficult to get a quote when you dont need the whole thing installed... just the box changed.
It depends when the ID.4 you’ve found was built, but it might be on v3.0 of the software already, but if not will be running factory v2.3, which might be important to you as it has some changes to the battery heating algorithm that apparently helps improve short journey cold weather consumption.

It might also have the extra sensors on the wheel arch area to enable Some extra features that are coming with the soon to be released. v3.0 OTA update, but even if it hasn’t it will get all the other changes.
The sales guy at the dealership tells me it will be V3.0 (does this version sort the charging schedule issue?).
He couldn't tell me whether or not it will have the sensors in the wheel arches.
As @Luckypants says, v3.0 is supposed to fix the charging schedule issue.

Does the sales guy know when it was built, that will give you a clue?
We are going back to see him tomorrow so i will ask. Do we know the date where those sensors started to get added?
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