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Am I too concerned about ID4 poor infotainment reviews and faffy charge timer?

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Sorry for the sort of double post..(for those of you who also check the ioniq 5 forum)
My wife's tesla 3's lease ends at the end of Oct and we are looking to buy a replacement EV,

As you can imagine, we are currently chasing around order cancellations.

We have found an ID.4 cancellation (Life Pro edition in Grenadilla Black Metallic with Hamar alloys)
and one Ioniq5 (premium with matte shooting star grey). Price on both very similar (less than £1K between them).

We test drove the ID4 and really liked the drive. Felt premium and unfussy.
We test drive the ioniq on Saturday. I have sat in the car. Lots of wow factor..but possibly a bit flash for me...(I quite like some understatement)

As I mentioned in my post in the Ioniq forum, I am concerned that the Matte paintwork on the Ioniq might be high maintenance. At the very least I will probably have to spend more ££ for some sort of ceramic coating.

My main concern about the ID.4 are the poor reviews of the infotainment system. Almost all the reviews I have watched complain about this.... poor controls, voice activation that doesn't really work, not being able to see the climate control controls in the dark...

Is this as bad as they say, or are there generally work arounds?
Will it drive me nuts?
Is the Life pro not going to get many of the V3 features? (I would have looked for a higher trim, but we are limited to what is available in cancelled orders).

Thanks for any real world guidance.

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My main concern about the ID.4 are the poor reviews of the infotainment system. Almost all the reviews I have watched complain about this.... poor controls, voice activation that doesn't really work, not being able to see the climate control controls in the dark...
Never mind what the reviewers say, what did you think about the infotainment system on your test drive?

I find it pretty good to be fair, it boots up a lot quicker than it did when the ID.3 first came out (I had an ID.3 1st edition with the same interface since Nov 2020) and is improving with every update. There are shortcuts that you pick up around navigating the interface, like turning on the heated seats with a double finger tap to the screen rather than menu diving.

The voice activation works really well in my opinion, the limitations of it I’ve found exist in every car I’ve tried with it. Once you learn the commands it’s possible to do quite a bit.

The wireless CarPlay is genuinely seamless and very reliable.

The twin climate controls and volume slider being unlit on the lip below the screen where the IR sensors are is a regular gripe, but volume can be adjusted from the steering wheel controls anyway, and the ‘Clima’ button just below is illuminated and pressing that gives you a myriad of options to adjust from the main screen. I tend to set and forget it, but you can also use the voice control to raise or lower the temperature or say your feet or hands are cold etc and it will adjust.

The charge timers for charging during off peak periods are flaky, but departure times and the remote App all work well. Fixed in v3.0 now apparently.

It depends when the ID.4 you’ve found was built, but it might be on v3.0 of the software already, but if not will be running factory v2.3, which might be important to you as it has some changes to the battery heating algorithm that apparently helps improve short journey cold weather consumption.

It might also have the extra sensors on the wheel arch area to enable Some extra features that are coming with the soon to be released. v3.0 OTA update, but even if it hasn’t it will get all the other changes.

A lot is written about the ID software, but much of it is based on the MEB launch, where it was certainly less than polished. After using the ID interface for nearly 2 years now, I prefer it to our Tesla M3 interface, I find much of the text far too small to read easily without my glasses on, which is a pain.
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The ID voice control is bad / don't bother using it, and yes the buttons on the infotainment should have been lit, when I first took delivery the infotainment system would regularly "lock" and stop working, after 6 visits to the dealer - this now hardly ever happens.
It’s funny how two people can find something so different isn’t it, it works well for me, genuinely useful, but you do need to learn the ‘language’, and not use commands it doesn’t understand.

It’s not yet Siri like, but for doing common things without taking your eyes of the road or hands off the wheel, it’s good.

Helps if you don’t have an accent too, although I believe VW are improving that with each update.

Timed Charging (forget it), it looses settings, doesn't start charging, so I've given up on it, instead relying on my OHME, a promised upgrade last year was meant to fix timed charging, this didn't, it's claimed VW have fixed it in the latest upgrade - lets see.
Not sure what software you’re running, but it’s still broken in 2.4, supposedly fixed in 3.0 now, but we’ll see. It’s nearly there, works most of the time in mine, but not 100%, which kind of means it may as well not work at all.
It's good to hear that the timer charging is more reliable on v3 - (although I would need alot of convincing to use it instead of my Ohme) - given how it's messed me around in the past.
If the Ohme works for you then it’s not an issue, at least the car wakes up when the EVSE prompts it, not all cars do.

I would use my Ohme for timed charging as well, but there is zero Sim coverage for it where I live, even though the car itself finds a 4G connection, so mine is dumb.
The sales guy at the dealership tells me it will be V3.0 (does this version sort the charging schedule issue?).
He couldn't tell me whether or not it will have the sensors in the wheel arches.
As @Luckypants says, v3.0 is supposed to fix the charging schedule issue.

Does the sales guy know when it was built, that will give you a clue?
We are going back to see him tomorrow so i will ask. Do we know the date where those sensors started to get added?
Not exactly, but it will give you some idea to start with. LHD IDs have had them for quite some time I believe, and were leaving the factory with v3.0 from around end March/early April.

I think if it has factory v3.0 on it, then there’s a good chance it will have the extra wheel arch/side sensors. Given it’s August now, yours was probably built after that date so fingers crossed.
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