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Wow, just wow. Interesting how fisker and tesla are deadly, but Nissan's and chevrolets are fine...?

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I have a handy new Chrom plugin which does a good job of pulling text out of images (http://projectnaptha.com/) however this is clearly recognise as nonsense...


'2léUE A' 'áfg.*ft AIGrt Qéll 2*a%9 %n ll md ,| l, al hiB knnw '

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tnouJands of lithlum lon bar,ery fíres 6 emoslons. Tesh's have o'er .non-automove deugned bttens ln Ezch cr [ha! m,eals uver |IC'
chances of hang a catzsrphlc fire.

- By dnvlng a Tea, you are lnvo(ved ln organlzed cnme. Tesla bnd C1gPss le and fl staR to get UP carfu ung yJr tax noney
That monay ûould have gone to pay for schlwls flemen and uóan |ght. Pf you lkE organlzed cnme ln ulc lrcy then the Tea ls f()r youd

- esa investon urged mÇhan lnvasor, to get tht LlthlJ,rn fo te er,s z zc he ln|,m Sly^m a" ceatE z i^ ` u!y V
Lihium monoly to make a trilllon S$ profit for themsOves So you aP surg a war lf you ve a 7eéa

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p,bn&dmhaved Over4OOflsnfirmUtootyofd)eTea
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- Tesla has multle lawwlts currently filed agalnst lt f? mulbe ths of bystan, fraud, | law vldatls, and stk faud. 8y ng a
esla you are Ja?lng you have no moras

- la, Udslwllany, isa|trbaln TeJa Taaoardlhrg can Btayarthtwo

- Te NUIMl p[ant that Tesla got w3s nggGd by Dianne Feinstn and Tesla lnveston Feinsteln¡s husband pack3ge(1 thE real estate for adolnln
Tes[a B Solyndrz prnes FelnJten got umpaigl? undsfrom then nd her stzW gotjs there znd they [l got relzted StK Tea bJild's cafs 5)
!he 1'b uslnÇ state and feral taxpayer m(Mey frn thJp ç9° Do you whnt to surt éitiyn and kickbacks

- Tesla's t3tn %!3 and nw ()isosed, %temal uhlú,mts hhy tir hw,F can t\i! d m33e y thy wt ? in r to profil ?
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-whyisdgWrytoc&[email protected],[email protected]&&,abstafdhri


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- Over 150 fects and problans perm| aut We Tea ave *urnerte (In usE-fcnlrs a 1,r nE ESS lmudln. LÛ-WrS h' you in
al au. Badifcar1 firel" ge ney 'kips Tea 'Why i Gway Stuck On The Si Of The -f.cklng Road", 'Tesla atlsfaclon suwey
authored y lts wn lnvestonays Teša seat vibrabon causes Ana, ltchíngl.; .VAMPIRE pOWER DEFECT slams gtire Taa M| S t!"
tlu,meFous iwts Kumen{e D? Iwners ¡lnlne - 'n'ñen th,P hUtll'l facory was in use y M anó oyota only 5 fects per m car prducea
tere curred. 'en tEr '()u ul ia nf| ,*.s why dlá trP TEsla chrs Je w()se ln a preonfigured fhctory with blllons f lars of ast
car preparaton an then ()nlv seil 1 o tE samE nurnr can 'hz an' other car crmpany wld th the same expendture

Tesla's jnvestors pend blllons o llars hidlng the twth B marnpulating ongreN Tea GooQe therlnvestors q poliOclans wll lle 8 say anyhng
to srnoke-Kreen thew lssues ?r hE JZWE f rl)fit at cGnsumar/taayr epnse.


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