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Didn't I read somewhere that the Prius had even slower sales when it first launched? Look at it now!

I do not see the goom and doom that many in the media see in these figures. EV take up was always going to be slow especially as there isn't yet a viable charging network that normal members of the public can use without doing some kind of campaign planning for each trip! It won't be until we stop treating EVs as something special and start treating them as just a better way to drive and own a car that the public will start to serious take interest. All the time we promote the range of an EV what we are actually doing is highlighting the LACK of range to everyone. It is having a backlash to some extent.

I am now changing what I promote with regards to EVs... instead of emphasising the range and cost I will be talking about the "better effect" (to quote Sky TV!). EVs are just a better car to own, a better car to drive, a better car all round. People need to have that message pressed home and not the range, cost to run, cost to buy. Talking about range and cost and charging infrastructure is just giving others ammunition. Those issues are not fixed yet and people just criticise EVs with those topics. So my PR slant is changing.

My Ampera is just a better car all round to drive and to own.
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