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First post so apologies if I come across as lacking basic knowledge!

I am (hopefully) getting a new job int he next few weeks which comes with a company car. Now I know that at the moment the Ampera is super cheap in therms of BIK but it goes up in 2015, over 3 years still good value, over 4 maybe less so but I'll probably still deal with it, similar to a 320d Touring which is the level of car I think I should get.

Has anyone else got one as a company car and does it include the Fuel allowance? As far as I can tell if you're doing shorter journeys this isn't worth having, however can you also cross charge the electricity as fuel?
If you don't have the fuel allowance does topping up the battery at work have any tax implications, or is it something generally ignored - my round trip will be about 45 miles so might be able to commute on work leccy alone :D And can I still claim the 40p per mile allowed by the revenue in an Ampera - as it is desogned to include all costs does teh fuel make any difference?

So much to consider when choosing a new car - might all come to nothing if the company says I can have any car I like as long as its a Ford of course - but I really like the Ampera having had a test drive and read teh reviews.
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