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IMHO the Ampera is fantastic and I hope you manage to get one. However, the lease companies are very wary of electric cars and the contract hire rates are way higher than a BMW 320D touring. Rates for the Electron can be over £500 a month on just 10K/year :-O Therefore, if your company is using contract hire you may find that the amount you are allowed a month won't get you an Ampera - or perhaps only the "Earth" model...

I am sure these contract hire rates will have caused Vauxhall a lot of problems as company drivers who may have been interested are simply unable to get an Ampera. Many companies use only one lease company, so even if Vauxhall could offer better rates direct it wouldn't help...

With regard to claiming mileage, 45p/mile is the rate (for the first 10K/year) you can claim tax free if you are using a PRIVATE car for business. If you have a company car you can only claim the fuel rates, which for the Ampera (due to the engine size) is currently 15p/mile. See http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cars/advisory_fuel_current.htm Of course if you drive mainly on electric this can still be a nice tax free money earner ;-)
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