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Ampera basics

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I've got a friend who was all set to put an order in for an i3 REx but his wife just put the kibosh on it at the last moment.

The latest Ampera deals are looking more palatable so he's now switched his attention to that. We're probably going to nip out in our lunchbreak to go take a look at one. I'm not really up to speed on the Ampera but I've had a quick search on here. Can owners tell me if this 'real world' summary is about right?

* Electric range 40 miles, 50 if driven very carefully
* Petrol range 300 miles
* Petrol efficiency 40mpg (?)
* Usable battery capacity 10kWh
* 16A onboard charging, so 3 hours to charge or 5 hours via 3-pin plug?
* Type 1 charging socket on car.
* Need to purchase Type 2 to Type 1 lead for public charging.
* Servicing about £120 a year.

Anything else on the basics list that he should be aware of?
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In winter it's rain. It hits battery range on every front.

Wicks heat from the cabin.(making the AC work hard)
Wicks heat from the battery(making the battery heater work hard)
Causes bad grip causing loss of power both in acceleration and breaking.
Wicks heat and therefore pressure from the tyres decreasing efficiency.
Decreases visibility decrease your oetunity to slow break across junctions.

I've seen my range decimated on a warmer wetter day.
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