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Aaaargh! You've given that cloth loop a bit of a tug, and snapped that wretched little plastic hook in the corner of the boot! A new one's going to cost you about £4 from your Ampera dealer - who is probably miles away!

The solution is here - a custom 3D printed replacement in ABS, with a stronger design which won't break so easily next time you yank it! Fitting is easy.
1) Grip the old one with thin-nosed pliers holding onto what's left of the central hook.
2) for 2 clips on RHS, turn anti-clockwise about 45 degrees.
3) for 2 clips on LHS, turn clockwise about 45 degrees.
4) Pull out. Push new one in & turn until you feel the slight click and the hook is vertical.

Here's the replacement fitted in my car.

Here's the front view of these items:

Here's the back view.

If you would like one (or more) of these for your own use, message me and I'll post you some, free!
Click on my name ("HandyAndy") at the top-left of this append, select "Start a Conversation" & put yr address in that, keeps it private.

Feel free to make a small donation ! Click this link ==> Donate - Julia's House and there's a large tab labelled "Other" which should work. Julia's House is a hospice looking after desperately ill children in Dorset & Wiltshire. I suggest a pound or two, every little helps! If you prefer some other charity, that's fine, it's your choice, not mine.


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Sure. I have snapped two so far.

They just become embrittled under sun and heat, that's what mine looked like, embrittlement failures.

Very good. ABS doesn't embrittle half as badly.

Donation and request on their way.... when I get two seconds to rub together.... (y)
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