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This is my first week with my Ampera, and loving it so far, but it does have a couple of quirks, one being items in my boot are visible through the seats and darkened rear window, but I've worked around them with the help of Lookers. The other being the very low air deflector on the front of the car, which scraps when going up my driveway, then, when reversing the centre piece gets pulled out from the sides whilst producing a terrible scraping sound.

The original part dimensions: Sides 6.5cm tapering to 9cm at their deepest.

The smaller deflector dimensions: Sides 2.7cm tapering to 5.7cm at their deepest.

The new lower deflector has made a huge difference, I can now approach my drive without any scraping. The only negative I've heard of is that you can lose 1mpg above 70mph, not sure how true this is though.

The Opel/Vauxhall PN: 20993998 @ £35 + VAT.

I got a 10% discount because I'm in the service club. But if you was about to purchase a new Ampera I'd try and get it thrown in.

Fitting is a 10min job, I certainly wouldn't pay to have it fitted as it's very easy, also it doesn't affect your warranty as it's a consumable item.

I've attached some pictures and a copy of the invoice to make your life easier if you wish to get one or are considering it.


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Useful post thanks. I only scrape mine every morning so I know it will need replaced at some point. Nice to know it is not a ridiculous price when the time comes!

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