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Ampera loss of drive (intermittent)

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Hi there. Just bought a 2014 ampera 80,000miles and full history. It has developed an intermittent loss of drive and only seems to happen at very slow speeds and on slight left hand turns. No warning lights come on and dash stays illuminated as usual. Anyone ever had any issues like this? the car drives excellent besides this.
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It is not a 'suggestion' from me, I would grade the comment much higher than that.

I am making statement of absolute technical issue/requirement that needs to be ensured one meets.

I did extensive laborious tests to prove this out.

The front tyres need to have a larger rolling circumference than the rears.

Now, whether there is a secondary issue is a different matter, but one must fit tyres of equal or greater rolling radius to the front, particularly to the right side.

If you have a range of tyre rolling radius (due to wear*), fit the largest to the right front, next to right rear, then left front and smallest to left rear.

*If they are different because they are different brands/types, junk them and buy matching tyres (at least across the same axle).

Tyre pressures equal all around, I recommend 40psi for all tyres.
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