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Ampera loss of drive (intermittent)

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Hi there. Just bought a 2014 ampera 80,000miles and full history. It has developed an intermittent loss of drive and only seems to happen at very slow speeds and on slight left hand turns. No warning lights come on and dash stays illuminated as usual. Anyone ever had any issues like this? the car drives excellent besides this.
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This sounds a little bit like what I had with my car a few years back.

I would be travelling on cruise control at about 60 and a gentle left hander bend would knock it off. Entirely reproducible on a particular bend.

Have you recently had tyres replaced, or are back much newer than front, or vice versa?

I think it was @donald who suggested this, it being due to slightly different circumference of the new tyres v. the old, and triggering traction control albeit momentarily and virtually imperceptibly.

If so get them swapped over. This fixed it for me (to my surprise, though if @donald says it there's a good chance he's not wrong!!). From my post here, the newer ones being on the front fixed it.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: This post also discusses this issue
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