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Ampera loss of drive (intermittent)

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Hi there. Just bought a 2014 ampera 80,000miles and full history. It has developed an intermittent loss of drive and only seems to happen at very slow speeds and on slight left hand turns. No warning lights come on and dash stays illuminated as usual. Anyone ever had any issues like this? the car drives excellent besides this.
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Very strange! This car just loves to illuminate the engine warning light (EML) at the slightest provocation! When you say "loss of drive", what happens, does it just slow gently as if you'd feathered the throttle? And if so, does pressing the throttle more recover back to normal? Does it behave the same in Sport mode? that needs less pedal press to get the same speed, maybe there's a dodgy resistance in the floor pedal that only shows up at a particular pedal height & when your foot is being pushed to teh right by conering acceleration? (grabbing at straws here tbh...)
Or is it a bit jerky like a petrol misfire might be?

Might be worth taking a careful look at the tyres, esp the front? I'm wondering if the left is worn a lot more/less than the right, maybe there's a rather larger speed differential for the turning angle than the car expects, so maybe it thinks the wheel is skiddng & the traction control/ABS is doing something funny? There's a traction-control switch above your hed in the centre, might be worth playing with that & see if it makes a difference.
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Do you have the Volt Service Manual? Appx 75 Mbyte PDF? This has diagrams of where the bits are located, how to swap them out etc. I have no idea if it's resistive (could wear out thx to friction), inductive, capacitative, Hall-effect, or what. But it might be worth finding the connectors and giving them a dose of switch-cleaner fluid & re-seating them. and dosing the pedal as well, if you think it's safe to! Msg me if you want the pdf, I can put it up on dropbox for you.
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