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Ampera loss of drive (intermittent)

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Hi there. Just bought a 2014 ampera 80,000miles and full history. It has developed an intermittent loss of drive and only seems to happen at very slow speeds and on slight left hand turns. No warning lights come on and dash stays illuminated as usual. Anyone ever had any issues like this? the car drives excellent besides this.
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1- it happens on different mid light and full throttle.
2-only seems to happen in D mode as this is my preferred mode to use.
3-never happened in reverse (yet)
4- never tried traction control off, but never have any warning lights come on.
5-happpens in a straight line occasionally but mainly on slight left hand turn. And at a variety of speeds.
6- can't get it to replicate it just happens randomly.
I have since noticed that the D light goes out on the shift lever and the dash display so possibly a shift lever fault??
Sounds very much like the shifter switch based on the above. Having a look at some shifters on eBay it looks as though the shifter moves a cable - so the actual switch is probably not in the shifter itself. Could be the cable is slightly stretched so in 'D' position it's not quite aligned properly - might be possible to adjust the cable tension?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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