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Ampera loss of drive (intermittent)

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Hi there. Just bought a 2014 ampera 80,000miles and full history. It has developed an intermittent loss of drive and only seems to happen at very slow speeds and on slight left hand turns. No warning lights come on and dash stays illuminated as usual. Anyone ever had any issues like this? the car drives excellent besides this.
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I can find no other record of a fault with this description here or on the Volt forum.

I'd appreciate a little more detail on the the failure mode, so here are some questions:
  1. Does it happen equally on light, medium or full throttle?
  2. Are the effects noted in (1) the same in D and L?
  3. Does it happen in Reverse?
  4. Does it happen with the Traction control turned off?
  5. Does it ever happen in a straight line?
  6. Is it only left hand turns?
  7. Is it repeatable?
Thanks for quick reply. From what you say I am inclined to rule out the throttle pedal because it happens a different levels of power demand. My question on L & D was aimed in that direction also because the throttle will be at a different position for any given power demand.

You last comment on the shift position indicator is interesting. That could be a loose connection somewhere, but might simply be the display reacting to the computer taking control. Need access to a skid pan really to fully understand what the behaviour of the display should be.

For my money, TC taking control has to remain favourite for now. The reason is not completely clear though - it could be a wheel speed sensor fault if not the tyres - so disabling TC for a while would be a useful additional test. A faulty yaw sensor is another outside possibility, again turning off TC would eliminate that. Some systems do not completely turn off TC even when the switch is off, so it may not be conclusive, but it will be interesting to see if there is any effect.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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