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Bored at work today I tried to do web research on 0-30 times. Found Volt (Ampera) vs Leaf data on a USA website that rated the Volt (Ampera) @ 3.1 secs 0-30 and the Leaf 3.0 secs. Found other data that rated the BMW i3 @ 2.7 secs 0-30.

Data here ; http://www.roadandtrack.com/cm/road...vrolet-Volt-vs-2011-Nissan-Leaf-SL-E_data.pdf

However had real trouble finding any comparable ICE data, even hot hatches. Everywhere is only listed the usual 0-60 times. After my Sport/L play session on Sunday i'm more interested in ICE cars 0-30 times (especialy manuals, rather than DSG or Sports Auto's).

As around 3 seconds is 10mph for every second I have a feeling on traffic light races you will beat most warm and hot hatches, but not high end "R" versions or supercars.

For sure we have the big advantage of being very quick 0-30 but without wheel spin or gear selection / change errors, so I also expect it's possible to catch out performance hatch drivers in manuals who get thier launch and / or gear changes wrong.

If anyone knows a good online UK based car speed database listing 0-30 times for ICE models please can you post a link. Could be a fun little topic for ex-petrolheads to know what ICE cars you can best off the lights 0-30 even with the ICE driver doing everything perfectly!

It's not a measurement I have ever seen quoted for an ICE car, but a definite winner if you ask me :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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