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Bored at work today I tried to do web research on 0-30 times. Found Volt (Ampera) vs Leaf data on a USA website that rated the Volt (Ampera) @ 3.1 secs 0-30 and the Leaf 3.0 secs. Found other data that rated the BMW i3 @ 2.7 secs 0-30.

Data here ; http://www.roadandtrack.com/cm/road...vrolet-Volt-vs-2011-Nissan-Leaf-SL-E_data.pdf
It's interesting that they found the LEAF to be slightly quicker 0 -30 as that was my initial impression after driving the Ampera. I find the LEAF bangs me back into the seat when it 'launches' but the Ampera is a more progressive surge. Glancing at the speedo though shows they are both very quick off the mark.
The article puts the Ampera as slightly quieter than the LEAF which is strange as I would put them the other way round due to the road noise from the Amperas rear wheels. The motor noise does seem less in the Ampera though.
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