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Andersen EV Launches Next Generation EV Charging Point

Makers of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging points, Andersen EV, has today launched the next generation of charge point, the A2.

With electric car registration reaching an average of 4,800 per month in 2018, (figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), Andersen’s latest high-class charge point widens choice for all EV drivers disappointed with the limited choice of charge points available.

Keeping the sleek, Scandinavian inspired design profile of the original A1, this newer model A2 boasts 3-Phase, 22kW charging, solar Powerwall connectivity and is now fully SMART enabled.

3-Phase, 22kW charging enables the majority of modern EV’s to charge to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Clients with power walls can now connect to the A2 and divert their stored solar energy to charge their EV making their car charging simple, convenient, and virtually free.

Thirdly, the A2 is now SMART enabled. Kønnect is Andersen’s subscription free app. It works by using your home Wi-Fi and enables users to remotely control, monitor, lock and share their charge. Users can view current charging status, live energy usage, charge cost, and time until fully charged all from their phone or laptop 24/7.

David Simpson, Andersen’s technical director says, ‘We built Kønnect because we wanted our customers to have safe control over their charge point and access to useful data. I want to know how much my charge has cost me, and I want to know that someone else isn’t plugging into my charge point and using it without me knowing. And for businesses who want to share, control and manage simultaneous charging across a number of vehicles Kønnect is an absolute need.’

For luxury hotels and businesses hosting an Andersen A2 charge point, Kønnect manages and reports on grid load-balancing. It allows for the prioritisation of vehicle charging, a useful feature should a guest, customer or employee need to charge over others that do not require their vehicle for several hours. All the while looking very sleek and refined, important for businesses that need to deliver high-end touch points.

Jerome Faissat, Andersen’s Commercial Director says,’ The A2 gives a superior charging experience to both residential and business customers wishing to future-proof their charging. We’ve added more functionality into the A2 whilst maintaining our signature safety, customisation and service features. So we‘re really happy to extend our position as a premium charge point provider.’

Pricing and Availability

The Andersen A2 is available now at https://andersen-ev.com
Pricing starts at £885
Lifetime Chassis Guarantee and 3 years Andersen Care Cover as standard. A new colour Southbank Grey has been introduced for the A2 widening colour choice even further.

The A2 has been certified for all European countries and has received a UK grant approval by OLEV and OLEV Work Place Charging grants.


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