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Car just had the BMS recall update done.

Also had the latest software installed. It's quite different and lots of the variations are just a question of taste.

Some annoying things I've found after only 10 minutes in the car.

When on split screen, you can no longer have climate info on the small tile. This was my preferred option 🙄

The star button can no longer be mapped to a screen of favourite shortcuts (as far as I can see) 🙄

Multiple users is a useful thing for some people but I can't say I'm a fan of the rest so far.

(Richmond Southampton)

The car was not washed or vacuumed as promised in the recall email

They also tried to get out of the booking on the very morning, (booking made a month in advance) because they didn't have a car available for me. To be fair, they dug out a "discourtesy" car for me when I declined the offer of postponement.
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