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on the 21st we had this email from UK High Command:-

"As part of Kia's continuous product quality improvement programme we have been notified by Kia UK that your SOUL 5DR HBK has a product enhancement available.
Our records show that your vehicle, Registration **** falls within the specified chassis range.

In order for us to complete this important work free of charge please contact our service team as soon as possible. We will arrange a convenient time to inspect the car and complete any necessary work."

But there wasn't any info re what it relates to so I can't judge whether to get it done or leave till the next service which is 10 months away.

So instead I phoned my usual dealership and asked what's outstanding, there wasn't anything on their system so either it's a red herring or the dealers aren't aware yet.
I will leave it a few weeks and check again!
We booked our 2017 27kWh Soul in for service on 2nd Sept and it has a 'service action' pending so perhaps this is the same thing.

I can ask when I drop it in what it's for... I'm hoping it's to sort out the climate control because since the previous service action it has been very flakey and seems reluctant to use the heat pump - we've seen a noticeable drop in range as it favours the resistive heater now...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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