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Well, I own a model Y right now, and I’m thinking about refit my wheels to aftermarket wheels.

The problem is that all aftermarket wheels that I prefer are really big wheels.

I’m afraid that those big wheels won’t fit, what if they scratch the fenders or brake calipers?

So I search on the internet that there’s an example of model 3 being modified, that it won’t be any problems of scratching between wheels and fenders, or wheels and calipers.

Is there anyone who has installed wheel spacers on model Y?And what’s the size of wheel spacers that I should put on my vehicles?

Thanks for your answers.
What size wheel spacers you require, if any, will depend on the offset of the aftermarket wheels you buy?

Aftermarket wheels come in all sorts of offset, pitch circle diameter (PCD) and centre bore size.

Ideally, you need to match all three measurements to your factory wheels to be sure of a no hassle fit, but wheel spacers can also adapt PCD as well as offset and adaptors can sort the centre bore, but it gets complicated really quickly.

The shop you buy your aftermarket wheels from should be able to help you though.
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