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Hi all, I absolutely love this forum!

Just go a very nice salvaged ze40 dynamique as my 1st electric project. It's got some body work to be done but that's not an issue. It looks like the main drive battery is there (but not 100% sure yet). The 12v battery is dead so I've put it on the repair mode with my 12v charger/repair kit.
When connected jump starter to 12v battery the car liven up and the dashboard shows 96% drive battery charge and multiple errors including DANGER electric failure, power steering failure, braking system error. One of the airbags (the one inside driver's seat) has been deployed. Other than that just body panels need sorting out.
My question is:
Is there a pyro fuse in Zoe that blows when any of the airbags are deployed?
I can't start the car when 12v is connected to jump starter. I mean it powers on but not fully. I can change the gears and use the central screen for like the reverse camera but car doesn't start fully if you know what I mean.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
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