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I just got an email about my Octopus Go tariff:

Your current Octopus Go prices
Peak unit rate: 16.03p / kWh
Off-peak unit rate: 5.00p / kWh
Standing charge: 25.00p / day

Your new Octopus Go prices
Peak unit rate: 35.11p / kWh
Off-peak unit rate: 7.50p / kWh
Standing charge: 49.38p / day

I'm a bit hacked off that the standing charge has doubled to nearly 50p a day. This has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of energy and is purely because OFGEM regulates only the cost per unit of electricity.
I got the same email, curiously it was hiding in my Gmail spam folder??
This is the email you wish they'd send too late so they'd have to keep you on your current rate for a while.
But sending on time, ahead of your current contract expiry, means it's for real :(

My GO contract at similar price actually expires mid-August with the same doubled new prices (35p/7.5p/50p) offered.
I'll wait until much nearer the expiry date before moving onto the new GO so as to stay on the old lower rate as long as possible.
(I think if you accept the new GO offer you'll start immediately - it doesn't roll to the new contract on expiry of the old contract.)
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