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We’re recently through ALD with an e-Niro 4. ALD underwrite all Ford Credit’s finance too.

In a previous line of work I dealt with every leasing funder on a daily basis. ALD were by no means the worst. They just have a lot of customers and people don’t tend to rush to the internet with good news stories.

Leasing companies all have to comply with FCA and BVRLA regs so the outcome to issues tends to the same no matter the firm. I’ve never ever considered walking away from a car or a deal because of the lease firm involved.

As for charging, again at end of lease the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guidance has to be adhered to, so they can only charge for things outside of that standard.

So far the experience has been very good. Auto accepted. Paperwork arrived quickly. Whole thing was turned around and car delivered within 10 days of the initial call enquiring about the car.
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