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App changed?

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Anybody else noticed the graphics change on the app for the air conditioning screen? Use to show a picture of the car interior, now more basic. Got excited thought it might work without car plugged in but no!
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I'm using the Android version & it has recently started setting the climate control in the car to MIN instead of the 24c I have the app set to. It also shows blue lines in the app, indicating cooling instead of heating. Obviously it goes without saying that I have never set the AC to MIN at this time of the year, so it's not even as if the car is remembering a previous setting. At this point I fully expect to it to start setting it to HI in the summer months...

It's baffling how something so simple can be so poorly implemented in software. How on earth does a system misinterpret a setting of 24c to mean "set the AC to full blast Arctic mode, please"?
You're lucky, I don't get the picture of the car anymore, just a basic screen! Although it doesn't really matter as it still only works when the car is plugged in.
I did get that basic screen a couple of times yesterday, instead of the car. Today it has gone back to the car picture.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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