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The newly formed Yorkshire EV Club (find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) are holding their first meet up at the electric vehicle street racing event in Hull. This will take place in and around Queens Gardens in the centre of Hull and features teams of schoolchildren of varying ages who have built an EV racer from a kit of bits and then race them on the specially closed roads around the centre of Hull.
Yorkshire EV Club will have 2 stands on the front of Hull College's grounds to display our own EV's and dealer supplied EV's. We have secured an Audi E-Tron from the local Audi dealer, an E-Golf from VW and a Nissan Leaf. We will also have parking available right next to the stands for owners who want to come along in the EV and spend a couple of hours watching the racing.
Hull Street Race | Green Port Hull
If you require further details or want to display your own EV on our stand please reply in this thread or DM me.
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