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I have single rate zero standing charge tariff from ebico. I pay a single, known price per unit that I use and nothing else.
If you have a large PV solar system or are a low power user(single/small family) I'd advise seeking out a zero standing charge provider.
I used to be with Ebico but just because a tariff is easy to understand doesn't make it cheap.
I make a note of all my meter readings every Monday morning (sad I know but I like the data, though the first of each month would work too). All if it is then entered into a spreadsheet and I can see exactly how much power I've used in the last week/month/quarter/year and compare it to the previous period.
Once you know exactly how much energy you're using, the comparison websites work much better. Though I recalculate the figures (because I'm like that) anyway. The fact that there is 19p vs. a 29p daily standing charge is irrelevant, as are multiple rates, breaks, cliffs, discounts and freebies. It's the number at the bottom/right of the page that's important. And despite the fact that Ebico were cheapest for two years in row, it didn't stop them getting bumped when they dropped to second cheapest.
That said, I'll be in a bit of a quandary in six months , Ecotricity aren't the cheapest, not by a long stretch. But they give us the Electric Highway, use their profits to build more sustainable generation (I just hate it that they call them windmills), have more ideas in that direction and, well, Dale is dude.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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