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New to the forum!

I've placed an order for the Audi A3 S-Line Competition 245PS with some options ticked, those being:

Comfort & sound pack
Extended ambient lighting pack
High beam assist
Panoramic roof
Flat bottom steering wheel
4 way lumber support
Tango red

I did want ACC but that was only available as part of the driving assistance pack, the other items within the pack would be an annoyance to me so decided not bother in the end. Hopefully I don't regret this as my current S-tronic A3 has ACC, the above specification is pretty much the same as my current petrol A3 on the driveway.

My current A3 saloon looks the business in Daytona grey and with black edition trim, has all the above options but has a 1.0 turbo engine (115PS), it's not as rubbish as it sounds, it's a cracking engine especially with the S-Tronic 7 speed box, I like it but I'm ready for a little more oomph!

Anyway onto the new order, 245PS appeals to me shall we say :LOL:

I expect to do most of my commute on the battery so that would mean charging at home, doing 25 miles to work, charge at work and then doing 25 miles home (hopefully all on EV).

This may sound stupid but how long is it 245PS for, is this just whilst there is power in the battery? Or is it constant when using hybrid mode irrespective of battery level, if the battery becomes 'flat' would I just be driving on the 150hp engine alone? I'm hoping to drive it most of the time on battery so I never really give this a thought but 245PS the odd motorway slip road blast.

Oh as for charging costs, I'm thinking around £1.50 each per charge, does this sound about right? I pay 13.8p per kilowatt hour.

It's been difficult to get info as the dealers are closed, so apologies for what might seem daft questions.

Any other tips of hybrid / EV driving would be appreciated as I'm new to this game!
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