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Auto door lock

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Just found out that if you configure passive door locking that the car locks itself as you walk away from it. Only if the keys are not in the car. Perfect i will never have to worry if i remembered to lock the car again.
Dont know why this is not a default setting as its so handy.(y)
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That looks like a handy setting... thanks for that. :)
and in combination with the keys left in the car alert, you should find it pretty hard to get it wrong..

My only question is, does it deadlock? - or should we still be using 2 presses on the keyfob for that.

Well just done a test and yes the doors do lock but do they deadlock? well all I can say is that after they lock when you walk away you still have to do two presses of the key fob to hear the deadlock happen. So I think that the answer is inconclusive. Having looked at the vehicle personalisation bit in the handbook it is lacking in clarity - also I do not see any mention of what "delayed door lock" is.
I understand that "delayed door lock" is to lock the doors a few seconds after you start driving rather then immediately when you select 'D'. (Thatcham Cat 1 alarm requires door lock as hijack prevetion)

I can also add now that with passive door locking on just walking around the car to put stuff in the boot or to the other side to get something off the back seat - the doors lock. So while useful also somewhat annoying.

@parax thanks for the info on delayed door locking.

Having had a look at the manual information on all this is pretty sketchy and IMHO is sadly lacking in detail. Your thoughts?
Great website for you folks across the pond.

I have a red 2012 Volt living in Denver, Colorado USA.

I'm not particularly computer savvy but would be happy to answer any general questions regarding my experiences. If I can figure out how to send pictures I will do that as well.

REB, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

A lot of you guys in the USA have had your Volts some time now so know a lot more about them than we do about our Amperas so I am sure you'll be able to help us out ;)

Unfortunately you cannot upload photos to the forum but you can include them if they are on a service such as Flickr or picasa.

First you must upload the photo to Flickr or whichever online service you are using. Then grab the BBCode from the service and add it to your post. If you want to add the url of the photo to the URL BBCode. You can add the URL BBCode using the URL button in the full editor.

If you need more help just ask and I or someone else will help :)

If you need help there is another post discussing this here...
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