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Auto heating with AC Off?

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I've spent about a year now trying to get to the bottom of this, a few times I've managed to get auto heating mode with AC switched off.

Here is the way to set it up (Kudos to all the members on RZOC who tested my various iterations of this while I was trying to work out the hack).

1. Start car.
2. Dial desired temp and press auto
3. Press AC off and wait a minute.
4. Switch car off, lock up and go away for a while.
5. Go back to car, unlock, start car.
6. Press windscreen max and then press it again.

Once in place this hack will remain persistent on restarts, you can change temp but if you press any other heating buttons it will go back to normal and you'll need to follow above process again if you want auto with AC off.

It's the delay and locking the car that makes it work. Vehicle Car Auto part Speedometer Compact car

Reason to use this hack?

Well I think it perhaps heats up a little quicker and it uses a smidge less power over a trip. but that's just my gut feeling. why not try it yourself and report back.
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I suspect the 'AC' button is a throwback to the conventional AC systems and stops the car being cooled in summer.
Or the fact the panel is shared with a Clio!!!
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Haha, that would be hilarious... and worryingly believable!
In fairness I think the timer button on the fan speed is Zoe only so my answer was a bit flippant, but the general panel is shared.
@Philip Pronto has it nailed: "A/C off" indeed inhibits the compressor to run in cooling mode, but it will run in heating mode. If you want to force no cooling but want the fans to run in summer, just set A/C off and dial the minimum temperature.

@CaptFish and @Zoe Al Of course I hear the tone of voice ;) but I don't think a shared panel with a Clio makes any ZOE part less "good". In fact, I think I'd rather have as much shared elements as possible in that respect, as I believe the Clio has far more resources to burn than the ZOE!! The somewhat buggy heater system in the ZOE, while very efficient and super-smart, also compared with other EV's is a bit Q.E.D.
Agreed, it is silly to make a different panel for making a different panels sake.
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