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Auto heating with AC Off?

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I've spent about a year now trying to get to the bottom of this, a few times I've managed to get auto heating mode with AC switched off.

Here is the way to set it up (Kudos to all the members on RZOC who tested my various iterations of this while I was trying to work out the hack).

1. Start car.
2. Dial desired temp and press auto
3. Press AC off and wait a minute.
4. Switch car off, lock up and go away for a while.
5. Go back to car, unlock, start car.
6. Press windscreen max and then press it again.

Once in place this hack will remain persistent on restarts, you can change temp but if you press any other heating buttons it will go back to normal and you'll need to follow above process again if you want auto with AC off.

It's the delay and locking the car that makes it work. Vehicle Car Auto part Speedometer Compact car

Reason to use this hack?

Well I think it perhaps heats up a little quicker and it uses a smidge less power over a trip. but that's just my gut feeling. why not try it yourself and report back.
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Is the a/c not the heat pump in reverse to heat?
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It's a handy test if someone thinks they are using too much power on heating.. I saw someone recently say they used 0.8kwh in a slow 30mins 4mile commute. I'm luck if I use 0.8kwh on a full tank. :)
Yes, that was in auto, set at 22 deg. That's the point of climate control, auto and forget, mind you that was at-4 without pre conditioning. I leave the rest to Zoe.
Still impressive, no way mine would get that.
If you think the consumption meter starts off at about 3kW and then settles somewhere between 1 and 2 later on ours. That results in about half to one kWh for a 30 mins journey. I think on a longer journey it will become proportionally less, have not tried though.
Also snapped this. I've said this before, but looking at instant consumption is no an accurate indicator of power used by heater.

Seemingly suggests I'm pulling 1kW, except over that previous trip I consumed 0.1kwh.

The dash meter doesn't read in fractions. it's 1kW minimum output. and yet I only consumed 0.1kW. Had I sat longer I'd valve maybe used 0.5kW max.

It's clear to me that some Zoes go through more power than others. View attachment 15447
Our seems to consume more, that's for sure. Or the read outs are rubbish, yours our mine, or both.
I would not dare to fiddle with it.... as long as it works :)
Or the fact the panel is shared with a Clio!!!
Haha, that would be hilarious... and worryingly believable!
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