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Battery life

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Anyone experienced battery issues. I’ve travelled many places in mine with 153 mile range and 75 miles in I need to stop and recharge. Had battery checked twice with Nissan but they say it’s fine. Very annoying
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Sorry, not been looking at this bit of the forum for a while, so a late reply. During late August I was getting particularly good range in my 68 plate 40kWh N-Connecta, and from a discussion at the time several other people were. As per #4 above, if you were doing 70mph, or even more, you will eat through range. If you haven’t already tried, stick to the 60mph as suggested above and see what sort of range you get. If that’s what you have been doing, or just running around town, then there’s a problem, but generally if it’s a really big one you get flashing red warnings that there’s a problem and you are restricted in speed as well as range.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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