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Hi all,

On my 2nd GTE these days and loving it. Still got half a tank of dino juice from February. I'm feeling very pleased with myself being so restrained.:)

My question today is - ever since I got it in September I have never had any more than 22 miles showing after a charge, come rain, shine, winter or spring (which still counts as winter here in Scotland). The range is very accurate though, and actually delivers between 18 and 22 miles - depending on heating - reliably.
It's always plugged in at home and at work for 100% charge to set departure times and, given it's still baltic, pre-heated for my driving pleasure.

My last one at least teased the possibility of 28 miles now and again so what am I doing wrong?. Should I charge to 80% now and then or vary the charge up and down?

Could it have anything to do with the car being manufactured in Nov. 19 and sold to me in Sept. 20? - it was brand "new". New Old Stock I think they would say.

I should probably use the ICE more often but since lockdown practically ended on the roads about a month ago, I can't reasonably get much speed up most of the time. (And if I did there are too many drivers needing to get their heads back in the game to risk it.)
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