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Battery pre conditioning

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Hi all
Can you please explain what the battery pre conditioning is i have tried to search the forum but cant find anything.

Is it only if you go to a supercharger station or do you have to do it every time you charge it regardless of how or where you charge it.

Also is it easy to put it in pre conditioning mode and how do you do it.

Thanks again
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Another way to help the battery reach optimum temperature for charging is to accelerate strongly, followed by immediately lifting off for maximum regeneration as you get close to the Supercharger location. Do this a few times, it’s great fun and gets the pack nicely warmed up.

Obviously only behaving in this manner when it’s safe to do so etc etc.
Just a personal view because we each have our own personal preferences. I think your suggestion does more harm than good. Preconditioning is designed to help protect the battery whilst reducing the time taken to recharge it. Extreme acceleration followed by rapid regen provides high stress to the battery. Whilst it warms the battery, it works opposite to protecting the battery by preconditioning.
My suggestion was slightly tongue in cheek but I think you are overstating the ‘high stress’ impact of how the car may have been driven. If the battery pack needs protecting the BMS will take action, either by limiting power (evidenced by the broken orange lines at the top of the power meter) or by reducing regen. This latter event happening much of the time in winter, the former only likely if you take the car on a track.

But of course, your method might provide more fun and if you are not the owner (lease etc) then you might not care about the long term impact on the battery. Personally I look forward to the day when purchases of second hand EVs will be accompanied by a detailed printout of the condition of the battery.
I agree, and even though I never keep a car more than about three years I treat them as if they were to be showcased. When I sold my last Tesla I produced a graph of the battery report from TeslaFi and a photo of the car at 100% charge (displaying miles) to evidence the lack of degradation.

Unfortunately Tesla won’t even give the owner a battery report and are about as secretive as it’s possible to be, so it’s down to owners to evidence however best they can.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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