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Battery pre conditioning

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Hi all
Can you please explain what the battery pre conditioning is i have tried to search the forum but cant find anything.

Is it only if you go to a supercharger station or do you have to do it every time you charge it regardless of how or where you charge it.

Also is it easy to put it in pre conditioning mode and how do you do it.

Thanks again
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I'm pretty sure that if you select a non-tesla rapid charger as a destination then the car will start preconditioning the battery ready to accept the charge if it is given enough notice.
I thought it was a while ago, I've only ever seen it once and can't recall where it was or where I was going. I've only had three long trips that needed charging en route and one of those was down to Englandshire using superchargers so I expected to see it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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