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Battery pre conditioning

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Hi all
Can you please explain what the battery pre conditioning is i have tried to search the forum but cant find anything.

Is it only if you go to a supercharger station or do you have to do it every time you charge it regardless of how or where you charge it.

Also is it easy to put it in pre conditioning mode and how do you do it.

Thanks again
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It's only when you set a Supercharger as your destination.

You only need to pre-condition your battery for supercharging anyway, rapid charging a cold battery is not recommended therefore pre-conditioning helps with that.

It should work automatically when you're roughly 20 minutes away from the supercharger, although that timeframe will vary wildly based on the state of the battery.
Thank you for your reply and i see what your saying, one other question then is i will possibly be using a bp 150kwh charger in Weymouth a lot as i have a caravan down there, is there a way i can pre condition the battery if i use this charger as tesla will not know to do it for me
Thanks Paul a detailed description,i now get it 👍
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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