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Battery pre conditioning

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Hi all
Can you please explain what the battery pre conditioning is i have tried to search the forum but cant find anything.

Is it only if you go to a supercharger station or do you have to do it every time you charge it regardless of how or where you charge it.

Also is it easy to put it in pre conditioning mode and how do you do it.

Thanks again
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Pre-conditioning is all about preparing the battery to accept recharging efficiently. From a user perspective, the quicker the rate of charge, the less time taken to reach a higher state of charge (SoC).

The rate, or speed, of the charge is affected principally by the current battery temperature, the SoC at the start of charge, the chemistry of the battery and its ability to accept a slow or fast charge (this is also impacted by the size of the battery - a larger capacity battery can charge faster than a smaller batter) and the capability of the charger (speed of charge in kWh).

Each car has a battery management system (BMS) that balances the ability to charge as fast as possible with protecting the battery from a charge speed that could damage it. This BMS factors in the variables mentioned above: battery temperature etc.

Tesla has a feature of preconditioning. In effect, the BMS works out when to warm or cool the battery enroute to a charge to bring it to the optimum temperature to achieve the fastest charge rate without damaging the battery. This preconditioning cannot be activated by the driver directly, rather the car does it automatically. Based on selecting a Supercharger (SuC) as a destination or where the car directs the driver to a SuC as part of a longer route. Earlier this year Tesla rolled out an enhancement where preconditioning would also be used for third party rapid chargers. These can be seen by pressing the lightening bolt symbol in the bottom left of the screen and selecting the three bolt list. Unfortunately, in the UK the list is not yet populated with any non-Tesla rapid chargers.

In conclusion, the car will precondition when it thinks it is appropriate and achieve a quicker charge at a SuC. But perhaps just regard it as a nice to have rather than absolutely essential.
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Another way to help the battery reach optimum temperature for charging is to accelerate strongly, followed by immediately lifting off for maximum regeneration as you get close to the Supercharger location. Do this a few times, it’s great fun and gets the pack nicely warmed up.

Obviously only behaving in this manner when it’s safe to do so etc etc.
Just a personal view because we each have our own personal preferences. I think your suggestion does more harm than good. Preconditioning is designed to help protect the battery whilst reducing the time taken to recharge it. Extreme acceleration followed by rapid regen provides high stress to the battery. Whilst it warms the battery, it works opposite to protecting the battery by preconditioning.

But of course, your method might provide more fun and if you are not the owner (lease etc) then you might not care about the long term impact on the battery. Personally I look forward to the day when purchases of second hand EVs will be accompanied by a detailed printout of the condition of the battery.
how long would it take for you to travel to the charger?
That depends on where you start from! If on a journey it will be from home or the previous charger. So typically 2+ hours in my SR+. Or if I wanted a top up locally it would be just minutes to the nearest SuC. I’m not sure I understood your question properly.
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