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So after all the shenanigans with my 12v/water in doors issue, which I hope is now sorted, I’ve been looking at the Battery saver (BS) logic. I've had my new BM2 up and working for over a week now, and I'm trying to work out exactly what triggers the BS to kick in. Somewhere, I saw some info that it comes on every 72 hours unless you've been on a >30 min trip in the meantime. So that is one thing I’ve been keeping track of, plus obviously voltage trends.

My thoughts so far:-
  • The car is mostly in the garage so I wouldn’t generally see a dash/blue light indication from the car that the BS is working, it likely does work but but I haven’t proved to myself yet that that it does. Also I have never seen a message popping up on the dash display telling me it has worked even when I could plainly see from the BM2 data that it had.
  • So far the BS has kicked in as much as nearly every day, but there doesn't seem to be any exact time pattern in terms of exact hours since last time/ignoring >30 min drives.
  • Over ~24 hours when the car is unused, the voltage drops ~0.1v every 12 hours.
  • When it kicks in, the BS lifts the voltage from ~12.6 to ~12.9 over about 20 mins.
  • The BS seems to kick in when the voltage gets to or has been at ~12.6v for a few hours. Bearing in mind that the voltage the BM2 is reading out could/probably is subtly different from that which the car reads and is using.
Interesting information. For what its worth I have seen numerous times the blue light indicator kick in on my 28. It sits outside the kitchen window and it reflects on the ceiling when I have walked in at night. I had to read the manual before I was satisfied that nothing was untoward. I have also seen the message a number of times too. No problems with battery so far (two and a half years old). During lockdown I did trickle charge once for good measure, but only whilst I had the charger out for my other car that had a significantly low voltage due to near zero use for a couple of months
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