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An International Airport run is one of the things I'd like the Zoe to be capable of,so thought I'd give it a go having a day off..
While the route from Enniskillen to BFS would (Maybe) be the faster route with the Dual Carriageway A4 and the linked M1 most of the way to the south of Lough Neagh (To J9,anyway..) the route north of the Lough Via Omagh,Cookstown,and Antrim is actually the shorter route,so that's the one I chose..
78 Miles,says G-Maps..I had issues with a couple of Omagh's chargers recently,so gave them a miss..only 24 miles from home on a full charge anyway..Cookstown is at mile 47,still well within range,but a midpoint option..It's a nice drive getting there,passing through a scenic part of the country..Cookstown has several charging locations,the one I chose turns out to be in a car park shared by the town Library,and the local Community College.(SC80) Easily visible from the road passing by in front.(another Siemens Unit) Pulled in and took a 20% topup charge for verification,Zoe still having over 50% at that point.(I Reckon with hindsight I could have done the entire run there on one charge,but AFAIK there's no chargers at the airport,unless one of the parking outfits there have one..)
On to Magherafelt,crossing the Toome Bridge,(noticing a charger in a Park and Ride facility near there on the way past (SC145)-more on that..) and on to Antrim. The Antrim Forum Leisure centre was right there as I was passing through,remembering it from having checked the options along the way,and went in for another opportunity charge (SC94).Another 20% up,showing 70% after this. On to the airport..Had a bit of an explore of the Airport perimeter,as they now have ticketing barriers at the terminal..yep,they charge you to go through the set down area in front of the terminal! Was close enough to see a couple of planes take off..Heading back,I was just planning on stopping again in Cookstown,when I realised I was at the roundabout at Toome with the PNR facility..and pulled in. and got a "Battery charging impossible" Error on the Dash..phoned it in. they did a restart..no change..no charge..oh,well.
Back to Cookstown,had a bite to eat while waiting for a 90% charge..1 hour to get home,said the Satnav..Bypassed Omagh again,but stopped for another try at Dromore's charger (SC71) when I was passing through..I Have never managed to get a charge from this one.and not tonight,either..it started,then stopped.The KWh meters on the back of it were showing Zero last time I checked there,and they still haven't moved.I see my tweets reporting charger status are being looked at..I asked has ANYONE had a charge from that machine? we'll see,though I doubt it..Just thinking,I'd have been frazzled doing that trip in an ICE up the M1..In the Zoe,I'm still relaxed..looking forward to the next trip..
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