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By default my Tesla Roadster charges to 80% and gives me a warning if I charge beyond that level. When not in use my car sits at 80% in the garage and I only top it up to 100% as I'm about to leave home (i.e. it doesn't sit at 100% charge for any length of time).

I do a lot of long distance travel charging to 100% and after 52,000 miles and 46 months my Tesla has lost ~10 miles range (~5%). I suspect that battery chemistry and battery heating/cooling promote long life but we'll have to wait 10 years to find out :)

Jack Rickard (EVTV) is extremely knowledgable in this area and he has long argued that the chemistry in the Nissan/Renault packs will not provide a long term solution. Personally, I think this is ok now they have a warranty.

Plug In America have published some great battery surveys (here).
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