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There are enough Leafs out there now with all kinds of charging regimes being used from only rapid charging, charging only to 80%, running down occasionally, never charging to 100%...

From what I have seen the Battery Management System seems to handle most of this pretty much the same. Charging not to 100% unless you had to was the original advice from Nissan but now there is evidence that it doesn't make much difference (if any) and so Nissan now have removed that advice. In fact, on the latest version of the USA Leaf you cannot charge to 80% and all charges are to 100%

Similar advice was given regarding rapid charging. Again, it seems to make little difference. In fact many people only use rapid charging and they are seeing no detrimental effects. Nissan now say that even rapid charging on average daily shouldn't have any significant effect on battery life.

I would say that what is much more important is to charge when you want or when you need to, how you need to, and enjoy the car. The car pretty much takes care of itself. :)
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