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Hi Damien. Welcome to the forum.

I bought mine outright too.

They do depreciate quite a bit in the first year but I suspect that this situation may change in later years. Once people realise they can get a secondhand one for a sensible price whilst still having the same financial benefits as a new one so I reckon that the values will then start to recover. For me it came down to how long I expected to keep the car. If I expected to sell inside 3-4 years then leasing might be better. If keeping it longer than that then I suspect that a 5 years old Ampera will have a better depreciation so buying might be better.

Of course... I have no idea really. It is just a guess :) So we did what we felt was most likely for us and that is to keep for about 5 years minimum as that is what we have done with cars previously.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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