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Best touch-up kit for scratches for WHITE Zoe?

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So, I wanted to go for a trip, get my bicycle at the back of the car and have a nice day... When I tried to remove the bicycle, I struggle and I accidentally scratched my own car because that's how smart I am. :cautious:🥴🤦‍♂️

Can anyone recommend a matching WHITE kit to cover the small scratches? UK based?
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Not a great feeling. With these sort of things, always opt for manufacturer. Assuming it's Glacier White, then this: Renault Touch-Up Paint - Glacier White 369

Depending where the scratches are, whether car has been waxed, then clean the area with rubbing alcohol first. Don't load the bush, less is more. A rotary mop a few days later with a cutting compound can work wonders.
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