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Has anyone added an additional reverse light to their Env-200?

I can see fairly well on the passenger side, but the drivers side is rubbish.
I tend to reverse onto my narrow driveway from the passenger side most of the time, and I have already hit the fence on the drivers side twice. So I stuck a reflector to it, which does help, but if its raining Im done for. I end up stabbing away at the brake pedal to see where Im going!
I have bought battery lights to attach to the fence, which has helped for my driveway, (when they have charged up in some sun), but I would like a better solution that that worked for other gloomy locations as well.

Even my old Lady which has No reverse lights I seemed to get on better with! and that's bonkers.
Its the biggest niggle for a work van for me.
Ive been looking for something suitable to upgrade the van with, but so far not stumbles upon something that I would be happy to fit, or sensible price.


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