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BG £115 home charge installs

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This may be old news to some but thought I'd add a bit more bashing to everyone's favourite installation company British Gas.
Customer today surprised we could still fit him a home charge unit for free, kept mentioning £115 fee that BG wanted to fit it next week. Thought he was asking for the 30amp charger hence the cost. Checked their web site - nope there charging £115 inc vat already 'due to the change in the grant recently announced by OLEV'. Think we all know the grant reduces 1st Sept not as soon as they think they can rinse some more customers who actually need the chargers.
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Just my humble opinion... but £115 for a charge point, plus installation, feels like a good deal. We've been spoiled with free points previously - if you take a step back, for the kit + the work, that's a pretty good deal for a prospective EV owner?
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6 months free access to the Polar network? Interesting move...

Call me a cynic, but this feels like it could be a little disingenuous of CM (I preferred my name for them above!)... If OLEV are genuinely only funding 75% of the cost, why would CM be funding the other 25%? What do they get out of it? They're not getting anything from that customer in the future, like British Gas arguably would (energy purchase), so why would they make a loss on each install?
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