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Bikes on the roof of a Model S

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I'm looking for stories from people with experience of transporting bikes with their Model S.

Specifically, I'd like to know:
  1. which roof bars you bought
  2. which bike carriers you attach to the roof bars
  3. how many bike carriers you can (or could potentially) fit on your roof bars
  4. if you've managed to transport children's bikes, how you managed it
Thanks for any help you can offer.
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I've also been looking into this question. Confirmed that post June 2015 cars need a different Whispbar mounting kit and also that the new version is currently available at Tesla stores. However, roofbox.co.uk is considerably cheaper but they are still saying that the new version isn't available yet.
See below for references -

Roof bar mountings for post June 2015 cars are definitely different and need a different Whispbar mounting kit. The following is a translation from the Dutch Tesla Store -
"Tesla Article number 1036384-SE-A
Contents: 2x roof carrier and 1x installation kit
This article is only for Model S with a manufacturing date of June 15, 2015.
Is the date of manufacture of your car after June 15, 2015, contact your local Service Center for part number 1036384-SE-B"

The new mounting kit is available now at Tesla stores. The following is a quote from a posting in the Facebook Tesla Owners Group UK referring to Whispbar roof bars dated 7th November. The bars were supplied by the Gatwick Tesla Store.
"There are two parts, the roof bars and the fitting kit. The correct fitting kit for an MS built after June 2015 is part number K930W (the design of the pano roof changed). I was supplied with the right one."
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