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Hyundai Kona convert...
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3 points that I picked up on:
  • drag co-efficient (CD) is 0.28. That's better than the Kona (0.29) but not much...
  • surprisingly cramped seating in the back (no room for feet, low bench height and limited headroom) - that doesn't sound much better than my Kona. I wonder what impact the Panoramic Roof has on the dimensions?
  • in the front (although we don't know what the seat height was set to), Bjorn thought the Ionic5 had more headroom.

Can't wait for the Road Tests. I want to know how many Miles / KwH they can squeeze out of it in regular driving. When I switch, I'll want one more efficient not less (and I'm currently on 4.1m/kWh over 48000 miles in my Kona).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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