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Blank We Connect ID. notifications (Android)

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Hi all,

Does anybody ever get completely blank We Connect ID. notifications on Android? I sometimes get a "Charging Error" notification when I get home (I assumed it was because the car's plugged in and it couldn't charge until the Zappi goes to a scheduled boost).

However, in the last half hour (since I got home about 40 minutes ago) I've had 5 completely blank notifications from We Connect ID., and the car's not even plugged in (it's at 60% charge, I've just checked it's locked - I don't know what the messages are trying to tell me!).


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Thanks both. I haven't had any more since I posted (last one was about 17:45), so seems like it was a temporary glitch (at the time I posted I was a bit worried they were going to spam my phone all evening!).
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