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Re: Is the Vauxhall Ampera better than the Nissan Leaf?

To me if you are a buyer and not a leaser type of person then the Ampera/Volt is a better choice. One thing that I like to consider is that all batteries degrade over time. Given say a 70% degradation over 10 years.

What is now the EV distance I can go in the LEAF in the winter? Matters. You may need to take another car (ICE based).

What is now the EV distance I can go in the Volt/Ampera in the winter? Does not matters because even if I can only go say 25 miles it will just continue going on the ICE/Gas_Generator.

Of course 10 years is a long time away. However, many folks I see/hear about buying a Volt at least are have had their previous cars for > 120,000 miles or 10 year. i.e. a long term investment.
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